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Earning the Right to Filter Your News?

Ed Horowitz wants to know if he can earn the right to be the place people go to filter all our news, cause it’s a lot of work to go to all those sites. Ed, meet NewsGator. Or any of the other RSS feed aggregators. Cause it’s not about going to a million sites. It’s […]

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Does Choice Breed Isolation?

There is an idea floating around, a “meme” if you will, that by creating his own news media and adapting everything to his tastes, Oliver destroys the concept of a public space. Replicated on a generational scale, it will lead to towering isolation. I must disagree. The concept of public space is finally being fulfilled […]

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Video Killed the Radio Star

Right now on screen, we’re watching a series of images, interspersed with words, Lessig-poetry-slam-style. “Change.” We’re set up like the UN, with one person walking around in the middle. Talking about how to get people who are younger to pick up the paper. Oliver is responding to this saying that the paper has only so […]

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Power of blogs

Kos: One of the beauties of the blogs is that there is a two way flow of communication–I can go into the comments in a blog and send people to other relevant stories.

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Choosing The Battles

Progress moves in fits and starts, it never totally fulfills the expectations of the trailblazers and rarely remains in the boundaries set by its detractors. Explaining why traditional print media is a “Good Thing” is fighting a battle that’s already been lost. Those who like print media will stay with it, the critical move now […]

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