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Disruption and disorientation in news media

Discussion points: Why newspapers matter(or not) Sandy Close: Perhaps because you speak only one or two languages, you are not going to have a sense of what your city is becoming, day after day, without the heft of print.” Kos: Technology has made us a much smaller world–I can get more information online–we’re in a […]

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Managing change

The opening video’s message: It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one that is most responsive to change. —Charles Darwin Conference organizer Dale Peskin remarks: Our job here is to be sort of the maestros of the change that is going on and figure it out.

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And Here We Go

8:12 AM (though I’ve been up since 7AM, college students aren’t used to this!) and our intrepid organizers are desperately trying to get us started. Whoops, there go the lights. Guess they’re serious now. Take your seats guys, I’m sitting too close to the door for them to release the dogs…

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Bar Talk: DJ Spooky and Smart Mobs guy

In the bar, (too) late last night: DJ Spooky and Howard Rheingold talking about: camera phones, persistent online identity and presence, how teens around the world use short messaging services(SMS),and camera phones to communicate, sampling music as an art form and a political commentary, the Internet as a place for masks and personas. Art Basel […]

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Mediamorphosis: Reception ramp up

5:30 PM, Four Seasons Hotel: The ballroom of the Mediamorphosis conference, with multiscreen projection, a bank of computers in the back, and lots of folks chatting as they milled around. Attendees took a break from chatting one another up to check out Roger Fidler’s E-Ink prototype, BBCers Justen Dyche and Clive Ferguson’s mobbloging/video phone tools […]

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