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MediaMorphosis Participants

Van Andrews, CEO, Rhinotek Computer Products Leonard Apcar, Editor in Chief, New York Times Digital Gilberto Arias, Vice President, Editora Panama America SA MJ Bear, Principal, mjbear.com Ralph Biesemeyer, Manager, Intel Corporation Mike Bloxham, Director/Testing & Assessment, Ctr. for Media Dsn., Ball State University David Bohrman, Vice President and Washington Bureau Chief, Cable News Network […]

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MediaMorphosis Schedule

MediaMorphosis Updated program schedule Wednesday, March 10 5:30 –7:30 Receptionand opening sessions (Salon) Welcome Meet the MediaMorphisti Canapes and cocktails See/Think/Feel/Do Buffet E-Inkprototype BBC’s video-Internet news phone Roger Fidler and the news tablet Tribe andSpoke social networks Amazoning the News with Hypergene Media performance by DJ Spooky 7:30 Dinneron your own Thursday, March 11 7 […]

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Designing information spaces

Looking very much forward to this event – even if I am, just like JD – looking at it from afar. Good start to the book Dan! However in the interest of controversity I should like to offer a hook: This first chapter is very difficult to read because the design of the page is […]

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Gillmor: Making the News, Chapt 1

Dan Gillmor’s just posted the first chapter of his new book “Making the News” on his blog site, for reflection and comment. Great timing for the start of the Mediamorphosis conference. Opening paragraphs: “We freeze some moments in time. Every culture has its frozen moments — events so important, and somehow so personal, that they […]

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Live from Newport Beach!

Is it a guaranteed deal-killer to say the wireless is working like a charm? Dan Gillmor and I are seated opposite one another at a little gilt table in the meeting room hallway at Mediamorphosis, clicking into the wireless network while we wait for our rooms to be readied. Dan has a new book he’s […]

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On the outside looking in

Hi, Mediamorphosis pholks, Thought I’d dive in here. A few of us who weren’t able to be there in person today were hoping to share in some aspects of the conference virtually. Today I’d be especially interested in hearing what’s happening with Roger Fidler and the news tablet, and Hypergene’s Amazoning the News presentation. So […]

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