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Something sound fishy, inconsistent or completely wrong? Alert our on-site fact-checkers. Send by email to: huh@mediacenter.org You can also send your posts via a text message from your mobile phone to 703.585.8806, via AIM to screen name “chadrem” or simply click here

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Welcome to Morph

Welcome to Morph, the Mediamorphosis conference blog. At this site, you will find detailed reports on all the conference activity including in-depth session coverage and reports on the social scene. Digital cameras and moblogging phones will be on the loose, so watch out! You can find detailed conference information by following the Mediamorphosis links to […]

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Going Behind the Orange Curtain

To the Lovely (yes, capital-L Lovely) Four Seasons in Newport Beach tomorrow. It’s 85 in SF/CA today and well, spring fever is all aflutter. Unless you’re trying to get five days worth of work done in two, before taking off for the conference. Then you’re just wishin’ for rain. However, while we may be swamped, […]

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More on BBC’s use of mobile video phones

Those interested in the BBC video camphone efforts Howard mentioned below might want to check out this piece I posted on CyberJournalist.net a few months ago, reprinted from Ariel, the staff magazine and daily news online service of the BBC. In it, Andrew Harvey looks at this pioneering technology, discusses how BBC teams in Bristol […]

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