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Counting down to the conference

Count down is starting for the Mediamorphosis conference next week. I’ll be there, leading the blogging charge, on the soon to be launched conference blog, which is getting its QA checks right now. For the past six weeks, web business and marketing newsletters have carried ads like this one: LAST CHANCE: The Media Center’s MediaMorphosis. […]

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If you reach a moment of clarity or brilliance during the retreat, send your thoughts so we can collect and post them. Send by email to: aha@mediacenter.org You can also send your posts via a text message from your mobile phone to 703.585.8806, via AIM to screen name “chadrem” or simply click here

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Successful Conference Blogs

One of the things I’m thinking about is what makes a successful conference blog. There have been some clearly unsuccessful conference blogs in the past six months–but also some terrifically successful ones. Some of the qualities of a successful conference blog experience IMHO would include the following: –Real time coverage of the sessions, done in […]

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New tools: Emerging markets

I had lunch today with a Silicon Valley social network/search engine/newsreader aggregator/blogging tools CEO. He talked about the idea that his business will be next-generation web and publishing tools. “No one in the blogging world–except for the people at SocialText, knows anything about publishing systems like Vignette,” he told me (no, he wasn’t from SocialText). […]

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