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The future of documents

What if all the documents in your life were dynamic – from newspapers, magazines and books to bills, insurance policies, receipts, user manuals for all your gear – and packaging, structures and surfaces everywhere?

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Our Saturday meetup: shoes for both feet

Has Wikileaks just reinvented investigative reporting? Is Flipboard the social magazine we’ve been waiting for? Can design hubs and templates can actually stir creativity at newspapers? Did Steve Jobs steal my old idea for the tablet? Opinions or insights? Let’s talk and share. We’ll share ours at a salon on current issues of creativity at […]

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Internet saves newspapers

The Internet’s killing newspapers.  Again. We’ve heard this for over a decade and a half. Prior to that doomsayers pointed to disinterested youth as the tide eroding readership and circulation. Before that? I suppose TV. Prior to TV, radio threatened. And so on. Taking these in reverse it would seem a) TV News would scarcely […]

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