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We Media 2010 Fellows

Amazing class of We Media Miami ’10 Fellows includes: Donna Choi, Phil Daquila, Martha Diaz, Roshani Kithari, Suzanne McBride, Michael Stoll, Josh Wilson, Samantha Beinhacker, Heidi Boisvert and Ely Bonder.

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The sausage factory: Why advertisers and ad agencies are failing customers

By MARK WALSH Have you noticed how much time, money and intelligence is allocated to identify the demographic, psychographic, emotional and purchasing-intent characteristics of today’s Internet users (or consumers?)? Isn’t it amazing how great companies like Tacoda, Revenue Science, Ad.com and all the ad-networks are touting their ability to find the needle in the haystack? […]

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We Media Thinking Papers

The following papers are available for download in pdf form. Call it CrowdvertisingThe sausage factory: Why advertisers and ad agencies are failing customers Content in the creative commons. Who profits?The artist, the Long Tail and the clash over rights The news, the muse, the economy and other mythsNewspapers fall out of orbit as an innovation […]

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Digital Nation: What it means to be human

Near the end of PBS’s Digital Nation, we’re taken to a military facility in the desert an hour outside of Las Vegas where a soldier sits in a cushy chair and pilots an unmanned drone over Afghanistan. The drone’s cameras send images from a war zone to a screen at the soldier’s work station. As […]

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