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Using social media for social change

By SUSAN MERNIT Net-enabled social tools have enabled new models for grassroots activism and community building, and they have changed how we function in society — how we communicate globally and locally, how we form ties and how we organize and connect. What’s tricky about deploying social media today is not access to the technology, […]

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Digital fluency and social change, at any age

An update on Social Citizens By ALLISON FINE Social Citizens BETA is a paper commissioned by The Case Foundation in early 2008 to help bring attention to the ways that young people are using new, social media to affect social change. The notion of young people as “Social Citizens” comes from the intersection of several […]

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Newspapers fall out of orbit

Late last year William Dean Singleton, the CEO of MediaNews, announced he had identified the problem behind years of steep decline in the news industry. “It’s a good old fashioned economic recession,” Singleton said. In the absence of motion, sooner or later the problem will be recession. Download the report (PDF)

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Content in the creative commons. Who profits?

There’s a story going around that touts the Internet as a perpetual money machine. It goes something like this: many pieces of old content on the digital-now network have aggregate residual value that, over time, exceed present value of fresh content, which spikes and subsides quickly. The story is called the Long Tail. It is […]

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