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Final Jeopardy: A machine that questions what it means to be human

The battle over intelligence is popular culture’s longest running show. Are computers smarter than people? Is the brain a second-rate technology? Can machines think? Will they become sentient and take over? Can they beat a human on Jeopardy!? The correct answer is: What is “Watson”? Next month, an IBM computing system will compete on Jeopardy! […]

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The Gorgeous Blur returns to NYC. Catch it April 6.

The Gorgeous Blur is coming back to NYC. The We Media conference returns to New York on April 6 with a fresh flash of the breakthrough projects, prescient insights and cutting-edge innovations shaping media and technology. If you’re a Digital daVinci — a changemaker in media, markets, technology and the way we interact with the […]

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Bring it on. Calling all technovators, gamechangers and mediamakers to We Media 2011

Here’s how We roll in 2k11: We’re issuing a We Media challenge to create the brilliant city of the future; We’re awarding $50k to the best start-up ideas; We’re holding a boot camp for would-be entrepreneurs; We’re bringing the We Media conference back to New York; We’re adding new ways to think, create and change everything. There’s more coming. You should be, too.

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