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The revolution within the revolution: How mobile devices and social media changed Tunisia

What is revealing about this revolution is the way in which citizens discovered it, how they informed one another, and how they mobilized around it. They used their mobile phones, now ubiquitous in North Africa, to communicate via text messaging and Twitter. For many Tunisians, their phones are their Internet. Theirs is a story about the democratization of media, a social revolution that wields the power to change lives as well as governments

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Current finds TV’s future at the bar

Current TV’s Bar Karma is a stunningly original development in storytelling enabled by the collaboration of a creative generation of storymakers and visionary mediamakers. A community of viewers can use Internet applications at Current’s Creation Studios to create and develop stories, characters and plots for the new TV series. Brilliant producers such as video game […]

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Democracy calls, who answers?

By far the most significant communications innovations of recent years, the mobile Internet and mobile applications have eclipsed the Internet, television, newspapers and radio as the world’s most popular way to access news, data and information. More than half the global population now pays to access information through services and applications on cellphones. Social impact […]

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Screen-sensitive glove keeps info at hand

You want to call a friend, check email or search for a restaurant. Pull out your touch-screen gadget and let your fingers do the work. Problem: it’s freezing and the gloves are on. Your forefinger and thumb slide across the surface of the touchscreen like a frozen puck. Go fingerless? A fashion statement for the […]

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