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The future is offline

One of the battles for our computing hearts and minds isn’t over mobile or networked anything. It’s over something so prosaic, so ordinary, so retro, it feels like a faded clipping from a family scrapbook: the offline world.

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Regrets: Can’t make the Steve Jobs meetup tonight. Zuckerberg is coming to the house for dinner.

In the City of Fools, a last-minute, April 1 invitation for a private, drop-by with a dignitary is as predictable as cherry blossoms. Still, we appreciated this one to Washington’s frustrated, but very creative, development community: [modevdc] New Meetup: Sit down with Steve Jobs From: “Pete Erickson” To: [modevdc]-announce@meetup.com What: Sit down with Steve Jobs […]

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Introducing Meridian Stories

Meridian Stories is designed as a YouTube-like environment, driven by regularly scheduled, global competitions between schools, around short-form storytelling using image, words, film and music.

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